Hi, I’m Daniel. Waving hand emoji

I’m a web developer/designer based in Pittsburgh, working primarily with Node.js and modern build tools for the JAMstack.

What I’m Working On

Last year, I launched my web design and consulting business, Metamodern Design Limited. I’ve been building websites for local clients (1, 2) and developing tools and systems to facilitate my work.

While gaining experience as an independent developer, I’m also seeking a longer-term opportunity that will allow me to grow as part of a technical team and find my niche in a specific developer role.

How I Got Here

As someone with an innate curiosity, I’m always looking for the next thing to learn. In my mid-30s, around the time I became a new parent, I was searching for a new career path, and I rediscovered a passion for building things with code. After a couple years focused on skill-building (and parenting), I am ready to take my work to the next professional level.

Thanks to a string of computer science classes in high school and college, I have a strong command of programming fundamentals. I also gained experience working with data in various forms through my research methods coursework and some online data science courses. I’ve put all of that together with my interest in visual design to become a competent front-end developer, and I’m now working to expand my knowledge so that I can claim the “full-stack” label.

For what it’s worth, I hold a bachelor’s degree in environmental science and a master’s in sociology.