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Start your UI with AI – Vercel's launch of v0

October 29, 2023

Generative AI features have been coming online at a rapid pace across the spectrum of SaaS products. This includes popular platforms for web creation.

As an example, low-code site builders like Elementor and Framer now have AI tools for generating text and graphic content, or even more composed page layouts, in response to a descriptive prompt. I would describe these features as fun to play around with, perhaps time-saving, but not quite revolutionary—at least not yet.

While similar to these tools, Vercel's latest product launch, v0, seems to be in a different category. Specifically, it is aimed toward web coders rather than the low-code/no-code demographic. The pitch is that it can generate idiomatic code for UI patterns using standard JS/CSS libraries that will be consistently good enough to serve as a "version zero" for your next project.

Too good to be true? Listen to The Stack Overflow Podcast's interview with Lee Robinson, VP of Developer Experience at Vercel, and see what you think:

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