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How will we engage with web content 20 years from now?

November 2, 2023

Responding to Why the Arc browser is the Chrome replacement I’ve been waiting for by Ben on Medium:

I really want to like the Arc browser. Their playful approach to aesthetics and user engagement makes me excited about the web again. Their design choices of moving the address bar into the sidebar and prompting the user to create named "spaces" where tabs can be saved and organized are arguably improvements on the common browsing experience.

And yet... I wonder about feature overload. Beyond the niche user, don't we often want the browser to get out of the way — to become more minimal, something that we don't even think about?

Here's my prediction: Arc is a laboratory for experimenting with new ways for users to discover and engage with web content. Eventually, some of the features that people are getting excited about will be used to spawn a new product. But this next iteration won't be a "Chrome replacement." It will be a different sort of web experience entirely — something that might one day make our current browsing habits seem quaint and old-fashioned.